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Can I order an Ebook cover now and a print cover later?

Sure. You can either pre-book it along with the ebook cover or buy it later as an add on.

Do I have to pay for the images used?

No. Unless you want a specific image(s) from a site other than depositphotos.com. In that case you will have to pay for the extra charges.

How do I pay?

Currently, we only accept payments via Paypal. So, please make sure your card is accepted by Paypal if you don’t have a Paypal account.

I haven't finished my book yet. Can I order a cover now?

Definitely. A lot of our clients do this because seeing the cover motivates them to finish their book and publish it. If you want to order a print cover too, we can design it with an approximate number of pages in mind and then later edit it to fit the final number of pages.

Can you redesign the cover for my already published book?

Absolutely. Please use the contact tab at the top of the website.

Can you hold a premade cover for me?

Yes, the cover can be reserved upon payment of the invoice.
To know the process behind creating a custom cover for your story please see the home page.